Adopt an Inmate

Calling all Angels



Everything you need to be an angel, and adopt an inmate, is at your fingertips.


  • On the sidebar of most of our pages you will find many links to organizations that provide services to both inmates and their families, sorted into categories. You can work directly with those organizations to advocate for an inmate. 
  • Be sure to browse the Newsletters & Publications category on the sidebar for newsletters and resource lists that can be printed and mailed to inmates. Of particular value are the PARC Prisoner Resource Directory, and the National Prisoner Resource List (NPRL). We also love A Little Good News, published three times a year by The Human Kindness Foundation (contact them to add an inmate to their paper mailing, or print from their archives).


Please print and mail this Inmate Survey to any inmate you know that wants to be adopted, or is willing to provide information about their facility. We will use the collected information from real inmates:

  1. to match adoptees with adopters
  2. as a critical part of our research that will be used to enlighten the outside world about the real people who are incarcerated, the issues they face, and the conditions of prisons in the U.S.


In addition to the organizations listed on the sidebar, we are collecting up-to-date information about each state prison facility. Once that list is complete, we will do the same thing for county jails.

If you have information to share, or are willing to be a volunteer and help keep us up to date with information about facility rules and resources in your state, please send email to:

State Prison Resources
(scroll horizontally to view all columns)


Polite conversation is welcome.

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