Adopt an Inmate

Calling all Angels

Contact Us

We welcome your stories, comments, and contributions.



For general questions or to submit any of the following:

•  Name(s) of an incarcerated adoptee
(Please include mailing address)
•  Pictures, stories, letters, artwork, poetry
•  Review or suggestion for media page


To volunteer: 

•  As an Adopter
•  As an office volunteer (locals only)
•  To provide information about facilities in your state


  po box 1543

P.O. Box 1543
Veneta, OR 97487




13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Arlene Custodio on said:

    I am very interested in adopting a female inmate. I have been involved in prison ministry for many years. My husband has been incarcerated for 17yrs, & I have alot of compassion for the families who have loved ones in prison. I have a Facebook page called Unchained Hope ~ prison ministry to encourage others. I work with your friend, Jeannie Jamrog and she told me about your ministry. May you receive God’s blessing & strength! Please send me info on how to adopt a inmate. Thank you! 😊 ❤ Arlene Custodio ~ 😇 💞


  2. Hi , I would like to know if this program includes people incarcerated in Illinois?


  3. I know someone in prison that needs some encouragement and I would like to know how he can be adopted?
    Thank You


  4. Jennifer on said:

    I was wondering if you knew if there is anything a person that was wrongly convicted and served time but is now released, can do to get their trial looked into again and retried. A snitch and police protectionnof that snitch were involved.


  5. Evelyn Eaddy on said:

    My son is in prison and I can’t get any one in my family to write him.He is not a bad person.We are trying to fight for him but we are not rich and sometimes he very depressed because no one will write to him except me his mom and his dad, can we put his name on the list so he will know that he is not alone. Thank You


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