Adopt an Inmate

Calling all Angels

Adopt Now

Adopting an inmate couldn’t be simpler.

Shoot us an email, and include the following:

  • Name (if a group, tell us who your group is and the number of members)
  • Contact info (email)
  • City and State
  • Your age
  • Gender preference, if any
  • Any additional info that would be helpful in matching, such as interests, hobbies, occupation, etc.
  • How did you find us?

That’s it. We will be in touch shortly with your new friend’s name and contact information!

What does “adopting” an inmate mean?

You can think of adoption in terms of mentoring. The particulars are left to the adopter(s) and adoptee, and there are a number of ways to provide support. Most inmates are merely looking for friendship, which generally begins by exchanging letters.

Receiving mail from the outside world has a profound impact on an inmate’s daily life. It affords a certain status, and lets other inmates and staff know that there is someone on the outside that cares for them – which makes them less vulnerable to violence and abuse. 

You may choose to provide support in additional ways, such as:

  • sending books
  • talking on the phone
  • sending commissary money to offset the cost of the inmate’s stamps, paper and envelopes, or so they can buy some items from the commissary, such as snacks, stationary supplies, and hygiene items (typically only soap and toothpaste are provided for indigent inmates, no shampoo, no lotion, no deodorant, etc.)
  • scheduling a visit (some facilities have video visitation available)

Guidelines vary widely from facility to facility with regard to mail, phone calls, and visits, and we are here to help you navigate those systems.

You will find many organizations and resources on our site that support inmates with everything from books and newsletters, to parole and re-entry.

♦♦ Both individuals and groups (classrooms, work groups,
rotary clubs, families, etc.) are invited to adopt.


16 thoughts on “Adopt Now

  1. Yes, my friend in prison asked me to look and see what it is that she needed to do in order to participate in your “adopting process!” Could you please let me know, or may I give u her info?


  2. Kelsey on said:

    Hello, can we adopt more than one of we really like to write?
    A question but maybe more of a suggestion, would be cool to see a database to faces to decide who we feel more called to. Same as if you’re adopting anything, yes?



    • Hi Kelsey, absolutely! You can start out with one, and see how that goes – and take on more if it feels right. We have several adopters that have done that.

      Our “Letters From Prison” series on our blog features letters from inmates, and we may post a picture if we have one.

      There are pen-pal and even dating sites for inmates that charge the inmates to place their ads with a picture. Most inmates never hear from anyone because those sites don’t do anything to actually match people up – those tend to be more like a popularity contest.

      We match volunteer adopters with inmates based on their location and age, and any other info we have about interests and personality (we don’t collect any fees).

      Thanks for your interest and comment :).


  3. Carolyn Phillips on said:

    can I email you my son’s adoptee survey papers he sent to me?


  4. Carolyn Phillips on said:

    some of the links you post such as does not work.


  5. Peyton on said:

    How old do you need to be to adopt?


  6. Peyton on said:

    How old must you be to adopt?


  7. bernie sanchez on said:

    I would like to talk to some one about my brother


  8. Hello, My name is Donatellia Austin, one of my friends recently shared this organization on Facebook. After reading your story and the mission I want to be a part of this. My concern is that I am only twenty years old and I am unsure of my ability to be helpful. However I love sending letters and I have a fiery passion for book sharing. I was wondering if I should still go ahead and adopt or wait?



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