Adopt an Inmate

Calling all Angels

Winter 2017 Quarterly E-Newsletter

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This publication was created for you – family members, friends, and advocates of prisoners. In each issue you will find useful resources for and from inmates; artwork, stories, recommendations from both adopters and adoptees; and news from the staff. Don’t forget to print and send a copy to your inmate loved one. We welcome your feedback and comments (use link above).

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One thought on “Winter 2017 Quarterly E-Newsletter

  1. sherrie g swett on said:

    Melissia, Thank you so much for mentioning my name in the newsletter. I am so happy that I am a part of the adopt-an-inmate program. I have met some wonderful people through the program. It makes me feel great inside that I can be support for the inmates. I am more than happy to help in anyway. Take care and thanks again. Have a great new year…Sherrie


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